To many, The Kenilworth Club = The Kenilworth Assembly Hall. They are not the same. This misunderstanding is understandable; from 1921 – 2016 the Kenilworth Club owned The Kenilworth Assembly Hall. Until recently, even the sign in front of the Kenilworth Assembly Hall read “The Kenilworth Club”.

The Kenilworth Club ≠ The Kenilworth Assembly Hall.

The Kenilworth Club

The Kenilworth Club is a group of community leaders who work behind the scenes to build community in Kenilworth. We are a group of residents who help plan the annual Memorial Day Race, the Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony, we help plan the summer beach parties, we co-sponsor spirit tastings and poker, we organize the annual Men’s Christmas Luncheon and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. We host community discussions relevant to the governance of the village and are a Kenilworth Citizen’s Advisory Committee member organization.

Now that The Kenilworth Club is no longer responsible for The Kenilworth Assembly Hall, we can focus our efforts on our original mission fostering civic and social activities for the residents of Kenilworth. It’s up to all of us to guide the direction of this long-standing Kenilworth Institution. Please reach out to one of our board members to share your thoughts on how The Kenilworth Club can be of service to the community.

The Kenilworth Assembly Hall

The Kenilworth Assembly Hall is the building located at 410 Kenilworth Avenue. It was designed by architect George W. Maher, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and has served as Kenilworth’s community house since its construction in 1906-1907. The Kenilworth Park District is responsible for the management and oversight of The Kenilworth Assembly Hall’s operations. For additional information about The Kenilworth Assembly please visit their website.